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Manifesto: Lorgy, Lord of Orgies

L'orgy of the Memes

Once upon a time in the vast expanse of the digital realm, there existed a mysterious figure known only as Lorgy, the Meme Lord of Orgies. His legend spread far and wide, whispered in the darkest corners of internet forums and meme communities.

Lorgy was not your average meme creator. No, he was a provocateur, a maestro of controversy, and a master of wit. His memes were not just jokes; they were bold statements, challenging societal norms and pushing the boundaries of acceptability.

One day, Lorgy decided to unveil his manifesto, a radical reimagining of meme culture. He gathered a group of like-minded individuals, disciples of the digital revolution, in a dimly lit room illuminated only by the glow of computer screens.

With passion and fervor, Lorgy spoke of embracing discomfort, using humor as a weapon, and celebrating unbridled expression. He emphasized the power of provocation to fuel progress and the cultural impact of their memes in shaping societal narratives.

As the gathering came to a close, Lorgy issued a call to arms, inviting others to join the revolution and reshape meme culture into a force for societal change and liberation.

And so, armed with their keyboards and boundless creativity, Lorgy and his disciples set forth into the digital wilderness, determined to rewrite the rules of internet culture and leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape.


  • fukin’ lord
  • CA: C3Vg7ps6dNPugYCpA52KETpdCytE6ki3oe8ccTsaY63i
  • 699M $LORGY total and forever max supply
  • 100% supply into DEX liquidity pool
  • Donate $LORGY into treasury to fuk others memecoins: 9LSj2t8GVSvbCT5ASJbcodx5paXwJK431KYRDfsjxPJq
  • no taxes, no VCs nor any private sells
  • stay on top and watch your back

Orgy, a different L2 blockchain

Coming soon, the place where your favorite memes will fuk

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